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Posted by: Masque on: 2006-01-19 07:38:28

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"The Earth is the cradle of the mind, but we cannot live forever in a cradle". - Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky

Humans may be the most recent known arrival to our glorious world of Saed, but thanks to their adaptability, breeding capacity, and sheer dumb luck, they're also the most populous of the sentient species. One reading MageNet articles will probably already know this, though, since all physiological and mental comparisons are to humans.

The history of humanity on Saed starts a mere fifty Core-Turnings ago, on the outer plate Gerin. It was there, in the New Mediterranean Sea, that the first of the three human colony ships made planetfall. That colony ship, as well as the two which come in the two following Turnings, were of the giant, sublight, enclosed-biome variety known as generational ships.

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