Am I the only one who doesn't want a White Dress? - 0 replies
Posted by: replicadesinger on: 2013-04-11 16:51:01

As above. We're most likely getting married outside, and around late morning. Even though it's a me, a big white gown doesn't fit with the surroundings/situation. There are another reason why I don't really want a big white gown either. I don't wear dresses very often but when I do I always buy quality. Wedding dresses seem to be too expensive for the quality they are. I would rather get a regular gown or dress for the same price as a wedding dress, because I think the quality would be better without the 200% mark-up the 'bridal' tag adds. In fact, everyone wants to feel like a princess for that day. One of my firends suggested that buying a white dress online which will be much cheaper and with high quality. She has bought several dresses in the site. She told me that i can tailor my size and send it with order. Does anyone know how much it costs to get tailoring done not at the bridal salon? Or have any advice in purchasing overseas? The price attracted me and i chose a wedding dress an

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When to start wedding dress shopping - 0 replies
Posted by: achadan on: 2013-04-09 20:25:03

I feel like its a silly question lol, but when did you ladies start dress shopping? Just to ensure you have enough time to allow for alterations and I guess to allow time to order things in...other things I havent considered, etc haha. Whats a good time frame to work with?
Ive been engaged since late Aug 2012, and the wedding will be Feb 2014, at first I thought id wait until about mid 2013 before I started thinking about it. But time flew by and im getting excited! I have in my mind the type of dress shape and silhouette. I have began to search the style online and I have a magazine clipping of what im looking for too. So do you think its still a litte early for me to organise the first dress shopping expedition? Or wait a few more months? Also, has anyone had experiences with buying wedding dresses in I fell in love with one of their dresses lol. I love such style. [url=][img]

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Help me choose my dress!! - 0 replies
Posted by: achadan on: 2013-04-09 05:28:52

Hey ladies I have done a bit of shopping around and internet hunting and found I really really love the strapless wedding dresses. I have found two in an online shop named Dudool. I love both for different reasons and need to choose one in the next week or two. These are the two: Click for details Click for details They are pretty different but both so feminine and lovely! Let me know your thoughts. Any feedback would be great!

Enchant Macro - 0 replies
Posted by: Masque on: 2010-06-26 14:31:21

/run CloseTradeSkill()
/cast Enchanting
/run DoTradeSkill(2)
/use <item>
/script ReplaceEnchant()

For Jonas! - 0 replies
Posted by: Masque on: 2006-08-01 14:37:05

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Woo! - 0 replies
Posted by: Masque on: 2006-06-19 13:08:11

All currently known bugs are fixed. If you come across any new bugs, or anything which ought to be added, please email me in the first case (Woo, security through obscurity!) or post here about it.

Dillo icon! - 0 replies
Posted by: Masque on: 2006-03-28 21:49:03

Dillo icon!

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Avatar thread - 0 replies
Posted by: Masque on: 2006-01-19 14:00:11

Since I'm too lazy to set up normal avatar uploading, if you want a picture to show up in your profile, you can upload it as a reply to this post, and use [img] tags in your avatar to display it.
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Testing tags. - 0 replies
Posted by: Masque on: 2006-01-19 09:46:48

As you can see, I've gotten BBCode working. Here is a guide you can use. I'll probably add more custom tags, later.

Alright, I've already added one tag. img-attached will embed the image attached to the message, using an <img> tag.

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